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My name is Pekka. In January 2015 I was in California for a well needed break and I asked a nice Kansas Lady about what she would like to get from the Nordic Countries. "Cloudberries", she replied. "I have tasted them once, and they were delicious!", she told me with a happy smile all over her face. I had not expected that answer at all, but her reply made very much sense; cloudberries were certainly delicious. I knew it too because I was born close to the Arctic Circle in Northern Finland where these seasonal berries grow.  


Cloudberries have an unique, delicious sweet taste. It is just that they are also hard to find and access, as these desired Golden Berries grow only in limited amounts in a few of the cleanest places in the world, the untouched Arctic swamps - that are not only remotely located, but also covered with snow and ice the most part of the year. Nobody has managed to grow them in an easier place despite attempts. Cloudberries are always wild.


However, the smile of the Kansas Lady took her all the way back to the moment she had tasted cloudberries. It had clearly been a moment to remember. As I was actually looking for a change in my life and a possibility to get back to do something with a closer connection with the customers, I wanted to see if I could find a way to bring some cloudberries to her - and all other Americans who enjoy unique, real things rather than artificial flavors.


But it is not only about cloudberries. The idea of Marie`s Dreams is to sell "the real stuff". Products that both our Customers and we can feel good about. All the way. Today there is a demand for the real stuff as not all people are happy with the overwhelming amount of poor quality bulk products "made in China". 


An American friend of mine, Marie, wanted to join me to make the cloudberry and other quality product launches possible. Her  "Scootie" made in China had been totally broken after just 3 months of use, and her cheap cell phones did not survive much longer, so she was eager to create something better for quality conscious Americans.

That´s how and why Marie´s Dreams was born. We want to offer only "Real Stuff" to our Customers. Whether it is jam, pen or cake, it should be of good quality. No excuses. 



Marie´s very fair wish to get better quality, "real stuff & real things" represents the core of Marie`s Dreams.

We have just started our work to make a few selected high quality items available for the nice Kansas Lady and all other quality conscious Americans. Our very first product out is Marie´s Dreams Seedless Cloudberry Preserve. It is an unique high gourmet preserve made of wild golden berries. This all vegan preserve is delicious with ice cream, dessert cheese, cheese cake, waffles, yogurt and whipped cream desserts. Each jar of it is made with proud in a FDA registered small scale production plant in Finland; I wonder if you even can find it in the pic below? : )





We are very happy for all the positive feedback we received from our first US Customers. We hope you will have many enjoyable cloudberry dessert moments together with your friends and family!


Give your vote for "the real stuff" by sharing this site with all your friends too. Thank you! 


Enjoy the the Good in Life!


Kind regards 


Pekka  &  Marie




If you have any questions, concerns and ideas, you are welcome to email us at  

You can also call us at 442 227 6250 (USA) or +358 44 7 9 0000 9 (Finland).

Please place orders preferably online rather than by phone. Thank you!

If you are a business customer (store, yogurt maker, restaurant chain), please contact as by using the online contact form or call us at +358 44 7 9 0000 9 (Finland). We are currently building our distribution network in the USA. If you run a high-end grocery or a specialty store and are interested, drop us a line and we are happy to give you an offer.


Our Mail Addresses:

USA: Marie´s Q/A1 Tradehouse Corp. Oy, 340 S LEMON AVE, #9961, 91789 WALNUT, CA.

Finland: Marie´s Q/A1 Tradehouse Corp. Oy, Norolantie 12, 15270 Kukkila, Finland.


Marie`s Dreams is a registered trademark of A1 Tradehouse Corp. Oy,  a Finland based private corporation specialized in supplying US customers with quality products.

You can also call us at +358 44 79 0000 9 (Finland, EST +6 hours). 




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