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Hi! Welcome to my Dreams!



I´m Marie, a US woman with a Dream of quality. About real things.


I think our most precious moments should always be based on real things. Whether it is about feelings or products.  


Marie´s Dreams brand stands for quality and enjoyment for Americans who see, feel and taste the difference between real things and  fake.



When you buy a Marie´s Dreams product you know you get the "Real Stuff" without a need to read the small print. That´s what we are working for.


Our first product out is Marie´s Dreams Seedless Cloudberry Preserve. 


It´s made of Wild Arctic Cloudberries. Delicious with Ice Cream, Cheese, Cheese Cake...          


- Enjoy! 



Kind regards,



Real Things matter!

Dream Breaks are for Enjoyment.
That´s why Marie´s Dreams Products
are always made of Real Ingredients with Pride.
Like Marie´s Dreams Seedless Cloudberry Preserve:
45% Real Wild Cloudberries, no artificial flavors or colors. Nothing fake. Only the Real Thing. Delicious. Seedless. YUMM!!!
Marie´s Dreams Brand stands for Quality and Enjoyment!
The Real Stuff. 

Life is all about Moments

Many of your Life Moments are not only valuable - They are Unique.
That´s why you should always go for Real Things for your Dream Breaks!

Only Quality Products Allowed!

Marie´s Dreams Brand stands for Quality.


We know you also want to enjoy your Dream Breaks without any bad surprises. 

When you buy a Marie´s Dreams Product you know you get a Product made of "Real Stuff" with Pride!   

My promise to you

I allow only excellent Products on My Fav List as our Dream Breaks should never be ruined by low quality stuff. Vote for quality!

My Favs

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You can also call us at +358 44 79 0000 9 (Finland, EST +6 hours). 




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