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Posted 7/17/2015

Great News: Cloudberry Preserve made of Rare Golden Berries of Clean Nordic Wilderness is here!

Posted 7/17/2015

Marie´s Dreams Seedless Cloudberry Preserve is made available for the U.S. Market! This excellent High Quality Preserve will create Millions of Delicious Dreams Breaks for American People and Families! There´s Plenty of Cloudberries in it (45%) and no Artificial Flavours at all!


It´s made of Wild Cloudberries picked in the Clean (and hard to Access : ) Arctic Nature of Northern Finland. We have even taken out the Seed to maximize your Enjoyment! Enjoy this Rare Artic Delicatess, when u want to have your Dream Breaks with your kids, grand kids or on your own.


You can enjoy Marie´s Dreams Seedless Cloudberry Preserve in Countless Ways. You can eat as such or on top of Vanilla Ice Cream, Pancakes, Cheese...


You find Marie´s Dreams Seedless Cloudberry Preserve at well equipped Quality Food Stores.


I m sure u will enjoy the The Pure Quality and Taste of this Very First Product in the Marie´s Dreams Product Range!  


You can also call us at +358 44 79 0000 9 (Finland, EST +6 hours). 




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